Ambulance Australia: Unforgettable Moments From Season One

From enraged ice addicts to victims of domestic violence, Ambulance Australia gave us unprecedented access to Sydney’s Ambulance service and their 24/7 high-stakes world. Here are some of the season’s most unforgettable moments

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Dan And The Nonna’s

Move over Jamie, because Paramedic Dan’s got all the Nonna’s wrapped around his little finger. When an elderly grandmother fell victim to smoke inhalation, Dan used his sense of humour to take her mind off the pain by connecting with her via her love of cooking. Her favourite dish to cook? “Lasagne Macaroni”. We’ll be over at 6.30 tonight, Nonna!

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Too Much To Drink

When Paramedics Sahra and Joe encouraged a heavily intoxicated man to go to hospital, he declined the offer, proclaiming he hadn’t “even started yet”. In other words, Mama didn’t raise no quitter and he wanted to keep partying. Don’t blame the guy, the sun hadn’t even set by this point.

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How To Save A Life

The Sydney Control Centre’s biggest rule? NEVER say the word ‘quiet’. After call-taker Lachlan jinxed the centre with the dreaded ‘Q’ word, he received an influx of calls including one from a security guard about a man who’d collapsed at a shopping centre. 

Staying cool, calm and collected, Lachlan instructed urgent CPR over the phone until the ambulance arrived, later admitting it’s “confronting to be part of someone’s critical moment in their life”.

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Mitchell’s story was by far one of the most harrowing cases captured this season. As a disabled man with PTSD, he faces multiple difficulties daily. 

The frustration he feels regarding the health system’s treatment of him had him calling the Ambulance service multiple times. When he was eventually assisted, he had an agonising breakdown. 

It was an inside look at the raw reality for those struggling with mental health issues. As Paramedic Josh pointed out – when carers go home for the day, “that person is still sitting there battling this disease”.

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Single Vehicle Crash

Who could forget Jack? A man involved in a car crash so horrific, you’d be quick to assume he died on impact. 

After 45-minutes of meticulous teamwork by the Ambulance crew, Jack was wheeled away without any obvious chest or abdominal injuries, and was still able to move all his limbs. 

Here’s hoping he purchased a lottery ticket on the day of his discharge, cause that’s one lucky fella.

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Laura’s Asthma Attack

After spending the past two years assisting people as a call taker, Laura decided it was time to pursue her dream of becoming a paramedic. 

Yet, in an ironic twist of fate, it was Laura who ended up needing urgent help when she suffered a horrendous asthma attack. After three shots of adrenalin failed to open her airways, Paramedic Adam persisted until Laura was able to get out of the red zone. 

Although the experience was overwhelming (to say the least!), it further inspired her to be that source of hope for someone else, and we’re beyond excited to see her assist her first patient in the upcoming season finale. Don’t miss it!

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