All Your Faves From The US Are Back Just In Time For The Holidays

While the end of the year is already in sight don’t worry, a handful of your favourite shows from the US are arriving just in time to keep you entertained until 2021.

From your fave procedurals to heart-wrenching dramas, here’s when to tune in to make sure you don’t miss all the action.

Bull Season 5 - November 18

Like the rest of us, Bull’s latest season tackles the global pandemic, with the team having to adapt to a whole new way of doing their jobs. The season premiere packs several surprises (which we won’t spoil, but they are definitely surprising), and opens up the fifth season to a world of socially distanced possibilities.

This Is Us Season 5 - November 19

Much like Bull, This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman confirmed back in August that the show would not be shying away from tackling real-world issues in its fifth season, Tweeting that they would “attack things head on”.

From COVID to the George Floyd protests that swept the United States several months ago, the series will touch on a lot of real-world issues while also focusing on the fallout of the massive sibling fight that rocked the Season 4 finale.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 - November 22

The team is back to hunt down the worst of the worst criminals on the Most Wanted list in the United States but not only that — you guessed it — the highly anticipated second season will also grapple with the pandemic.

Before the season kicks off, the show’s boss David Hudgins explained it as if Season 1 “ended when the first wave of the pandemic hit” with the second season picking up eight months later when COVID had become a way of life, making things out in the field slightly more complicated for the team.

NCIS Season 18 - November 24

If you're tuning in to a show to get away from the real world for a sec, we've got great news because the latest season of NCIS has a surprise up its sleeve: a jump back in time. The Season 18 premiere jumps backwards to offer some previously unanswered questions about Gibbs and his whereabouts in a handful of episodes from Season 17, allowing the show to exist in a pre-COVID world for a while.

Blood & Treasure Season 1 - November 15

If you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, Blood & Treasure is an action-packed series starring Matt Barr as a former FBI agent who specialises in antiques and Sofia Pernas as a con artist. The pair become an unlikely team as they attempt to take down a terrorist who travels the globe seeking out ancient artefacts in order to weaponise them.

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