AACTA Awards 2021: Rebel Wilson Reveals Russell Crowe Told Her To ‘F*** Off’

Presenting the first award of the night, Rebel Wilson made a hilariously startling confession.

Welcomed to the stage by Russell Crowe, before she read out the nominees for Best Drama Series Rebel delighted the crowd with the tale of her first-ever meeting with Rusty.

“I was a young actor, I was like 19, and he was sitting there having dinner with Nicole Kidman and I was like, oh my god.

“And I went up to them and I was really nervous, and he turned to me and he looked me right in the eyes and he just said, ‘F*** off!'"

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Shrugging, Rebel added, “It’s a true story”.

Russell, who arrived onstage to kick-off the ceremony was sporting a Rabbitohs face mask, was called out by the Pitch Perfect star when she continued her story.

“Many years later Nicole Kidman gave me a scholarship to go to America and study comedy. Um, Russell didn’t give me anything. No Rabbitohs merch. Nothing.

“You know, he did, though, a few years ago, give me a hug. And then he, like, sweetly whispered in my ear, 'I thought I told you to f*** off,'” Rebel said.

Famous for some of her award show banter, Rebel took the opportunity to instead honour the industry that inspired her so many years ago.

“When I was a kid, the movies and the TV shows that impacted me the most were Australian,” she said adding, “I think it's really important to champion Australian movies and Australian TV shows because they are the best.

“It's, sincerely, very special for me to be here tonight and to celebrate all of you gorgeous, talented people. So, congratulations, everyone here.”