A Whole Week Of Good Stuff Has Started On 10

Turn that frown upside down with a huge helping of the good stuff right here on 10 and 10 play.

This week, the schedule is jam-packed with something for everyone. From the best reality, celebrity interviews, dramas and movies to sports and more, this really is the week to cancel your plans, get on the couch and treat yourself.

After the tribes dropped their buffs, Australian Survivor: Blood V Water has turned up the heat as we head into merge. Relationships are already being put through one of the toughest tests, alliances are being betrayed and players are being blindsided left, right and centre. In the end there can only be one Sole Survivor, but are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

If you’d rather see relationships flourish rather than be put to the test, make a booking at the First Dates Australia restaurant where we get a front row seats to blind dates.

Or hitch a ride with Ambulance Australia, this season continues to showcase the incredible stories of the Queensland Ambulance Service, from the people answering hundreds of emergency calls each day to the paramedics on the roads.

From the heartwarming to the hilarious, catch all your favourite celebs and musical guests on The Graham Norton Show, or check out the premiere of the brand new series Would I Lie To You? where two hilarious teams try to turn fact into fiction and fiction into fact.

And if you’re after a bit of drama, don’t fret, you can catch episodes of This Is Us, NCIS or the movie premiere of the Academy Award winning Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Still looking for more? Sports fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the final round of the FA Cup will be live, and a mystery co-host joins The Project this week.

Check out all of this and more all week on 10 and 10 play!