A Look Back At Aaron And David's Road To Romance

There’s been plenty of flirting, drama and things that make you go ‘awww’. Here’s a brief history of the relationship that led to the Neighbours wedding event of the year

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Self-acceptance And Sexuality

Aaron was openly loud and proud about being a gay man, however David struggled to come to terms with his own sexuality. Upon his arrival to Erinsborough, it became obvious that he had feelings for Aaron, but he tried to suppress them by going on a date with Amy, who turned out to be his long lost half-sister. Buh-bow.

His feelings were muddled further when his dying great-grandmother begged him not to pursue his homosexual feelings and instead find a girlfriend to settle down with. She said this on her death bed. Her death bead. And David was pretty dedicated to the old chook so you can imagine how significantly this set him back.

But through the encouragement of Paige, he proudly embraced his sexuality in front of his family and friends, making the pivotal decision to be true to himself, and here we all are, counting down the seconds to the wedding of the year!


Their First Kiss

Most first kisses are a little awkward, sloppy, and, well, not really that enjoyable. David was keen for a pash after insisting that Aaron saw “the best in everything… In everyone”, but was left red-faced when Aaron pushed him away mid-kiss.

Naturally, David was bummed. But he had many more opportunities to make up for the initial embarrassment.

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If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

After a rollercoaster start, Aaron began to reciprocate all those heart-skipping emotions David had been feeling. However, many sleepless nights spent turning things over in his head led him to make one tough (though probably wise) decision – that David should be free to explore his new-found self, with as many hotties as possible, and ‘have a little fun’, before embarking on anything serious.

Although David initially saw this as a rejection, he took the opportunity to date a string of men, including a backpacker named Rafael who was more interested in destroying David’s dad’s life than being a suitable life partner. This experience bought David back into the toned arms of the guy who is his one true better half – Aaron.

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It wouldn’t be a modern relationship without someone’s ex trying to break up it all up, and Aaron’s ex, Rory, had a really good crack at it.

Just as Aaron and David were finally getting serious, Rory stalked Aaron on Insta (look, we’ve all been there) and rocked up to his Paris hotel room. A few weeks later, there he is in Erinsborough, driving wedges between the pair before trying to make out with Aaron on the d-floor at The Waterhole. Talk about drammaaa!

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Dust yourself off and try again!

David’s first proposal to Aaron ended in rejection. Whether this was because Hamish had just been murdered, or Rory picked that exact moment to walk past, or Aaron didn’t dig David’s dancing, it was an outright disaster.

Thankfully, the second proposal was faultless in every way. Both men wanted this more than anything, even choosing the same moment to propose to each other at the same time. Despite the break-ups and make-ups their relationship had endured over the past year, it was clear that the love and chemistry between the pair was too hard to fight anymore.

And now they’re set to be married, pledging their love for each other in front of all their family and friends. Love wins!

Don't miss the Neighbours wedding event of the year, 6.30 Monday September 3 on ELEVEN, or catch up on tenplay