5 Reasons You Should Watch The New Twilight Zone

The first episode of the rebooted anthology series is available to watch on 10 play. Here’s why you should give it a whirl (and then watch the rest on 10 All Access)

1. The Journey

It’s a journey to another dimension, aye. Who doesn’t enjoy one of them? In this episode, a young comedian trying to make a difference in the world with comedy routines that rag on America’s gun laws and whatnot, isn’t making anyone laugh. Advice from a really famous (and creepy) comedian to make his personal life the crux of the show, leads to the disappearance of anyone he mentions. Like, complete erasure. They never existed at all. Seeya later mean girls from high school.

The Twilight Zone 2019

2. The Jordan Peele

It’s unlikely you haven’t already heard this but it’s worth hammering home – Jordan Peele, the current Academy Award winning master of smart horror (go watch Get Out and Us) serves as host, narrator and executive producer. When he appears on screen, channelling his best Rod Serling (the creator, writer, host and narrator of the original Twilight Zone) you’ll get a real kick out of it.

The Twilight Zone 2019

3. The Eeriness

It’s eerie AF. Like you’re dreaming. Occasionally, like you’re enduring sleep paralysis.

The Twilight Zone 2019

4. The Cast

It has a great cast. This first ep stars Kumail Nanjiani, Amara Karan, Diarra Kilpatrick and Tracy Morgan.

The Twilight Zone 2019

5. The Learns

It will get you thinking, even if you’d rather not. Meaning, sometimes we just wanna watch something and escape. You can do that here. But you’ll probably walk away wondering how far you’d go for fame. Or how much of yourself you should share for your art. Or your fame. And maybe you should be careful what you say about your mother in your memoir.