10 Thoughts We Had About The Whole Rory-Aaron-David Thing

After a chance meeting in France, low and behold Aaron’s ex turns up in Erinsborough of all places. Coincidence? We think not. His presence has pushed happy couple Aaron and David to breaking point. Here’s what we’ve been discussing around the watercooler.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

1. On the Paris meeting

Rory showed up unannounced on Aaron’s door. Aaron had nothing to hide, so why hide it?

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

2. On David’s proposal

If Aaron had said no because it was super cringe, we could understand, but he seemed to say no because Rory walked past, and that’s super suss.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

3. On Rory going to David for back treatment

This whole thing was icky. He actually went to David knowing full well David is Aaron’s bf, pretended he didn’t know Aaron, and then asked all these personal questions about them. Creep-o.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

4. On Rory’s discomfort with dishonesty

Liar! That zen-yoga-namaste-I-don’t-like-lying stuff is all crap. He seeks David out so he can lie to him about Aaron all the time.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

5. On Aaron saying Paris was a “non-event”

Then why can’t you tell David about it?

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

6. On Aaron’s deceit

He has ignored Rory in public while with David, asked Rory to lie for him, and then when David found out they knew each other, still Aaron doesn’t tell him about Paris. Maybe you lying to yourself, bro.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

7. On Aaron’s infantilisation of David

Aaron claims the reason for his deceit is because this is David’s first relationship and he doesn’t want him to be insecure. A) you’re making him feel insecure and B) he’s a grown man, don’t molly coddle him and C) lying doesn’t foster trust in a relationship, dumbo.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

8. On David’s belief that you never get over your first love

Many people fall in love for the first time in Year 10 with troubled teens who are bad for us, treat us like crap, and never amount to anything. We sure as hell get over that, David.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

 9. On Rory’s flirting

“You were always so good with your hands” Seriously? Outrageous. No one says that to their ex unless they’re trying to get it on with them.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

10. On Rory’s innocent act

Oh no! My dance troupe is gonna fall apart if you don’t put on these sparkly shorts and dance for me? Puh-lease. This guy is playing the long game.

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