10 Speaks Gets Louder

Network 10 announced the launch of two 10 Speaks podcasts - The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses and Hammer it Home - aligned to its shows and talent

Love and home renos - they go together like commutes and podcasts. And 10's just released two of the best podcasts on both.

Want more Bachelor analysis, debate and discussion? The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses has you covered. Hosted by former Bachelorette and 10 News First reporter Georgia Love and TV presenter Shura Taft, this is what you want in your ears if you looking for a deep dive into what happened in the mansion that week, from an insider and outsider’s perspective. Look out for it every Friday.

“I’m so excited to be hosting 10’s first reality TV podcast, The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses." Georgia Love said. "I love The Bachelor and I love talking so it’s a perfect fit!"

Love confessed to being a "Bachelor tragic since the very first season."

"I love the show, characters and stories that come from it," she said. "And I’m looking forward to taking that office water-cooler chat into the podcast booth with my friend and fellow presenter, Shura Taft.

“I’m also keen to delve deeper into each episode, lifting the curtain on certain aspects. Having been on The Bachelorette myself, there are certain parts I am privy to behind the scenes that I think other super fans will be interested to hear.”

Lifestyle lovers will be delighted to know that The Living Room's very own Barry Du Bois is the host of Hammer It Home. 

A builder, developer, entrepreneur himself, each week Barry speaks to special guests about modern living, design innovations, gadgets, sustainability and offers tips on how to improve your home from the inside out.

“If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of having a chat," Barry said. "I’ve always been passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from others and I think a podcast is a pretty great way to do that on a large scale. I hope that people who give Hammer it Home a listen will learn about all things homes and families and have a bit of a laugh with me along the way. I have some pretty amazing people lined up for the show. There’s a lot to be excited about.”

Check out The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses here and Hammer it Home here.