10 play Drops 10 Series In 10 days

Embrace your self-isolation… Because we’ve got your cabin fever covered!

Remember when your mum used to tell you that watching too much TV wasn’t good for you? Well, guess who’s laughing now, Mum? Stay home, wash your hands, watch TV and together we can help stem the spread of the Coronavirus. 

To assist in your patriotic duty to self-isolate, we're streaming 10 new binge-worthy series over 10 days. Yes, that’s right, we're dropping a surprise new series every day for 10 days. 

Whether you are in the market for complete escapism, laughter or want to throw yourself into a tense situation that has nothing to do with the current global pandemic, then we've got you covered. 

Check out the shows we’ve dropped so far. 

How To Stay Married 

First up - exclusive access to Season Two of the hilarious Aussie comedy, How to Stay Married (very handy if you and your partner are both working from home!), starring Lisa McCune and Peter Helliar. 

Comedian Peter Helliar said: “During these crazy times we need to think a little differently. We have decided to put the entire second series of How To Stay Married on 10 Play for a limited time as we spend more time in our homes. 

"I’m really excited to be able to share it for all Aussies to enjoy. I’m incredibly proud of this series and if we need anything right now outside a vaccine it's a laugh. Enjoy!” 

Drunk History Australia 

It’s time for a history lesson from a teacher who’s a comedian and also happens to be drunk! 

In Drunk History Australia, the country’s best-loved comedians narrate their favourite stories from history, while sipping on their favourite tipple. The result is a hilarious, skewed and anachronistically-challenged anecdote, re-enacted by a comedy ensemble and some very unexpected faces. 

Comedian and episode one's slightly (okay, it was a little more than "slightly") buzzed story teller, Anne Edmonds said: “Look we could all use a stiff drink at the moment and boy did I have a few in this first episode of Drunk History. I can’t help but feel that Dame Nellie Melba would be proud." 

From cannibal convicts to indigenous female bushrangersthe first Miss Australia to the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam - facts collide with fantasy and like every Aussie knows, the truth never gets in the way of a good yarn. 

Survivor US  

That’s right. We’ve handpicked five of the most memorable seasons of Survivor US to get you started (we've got more coming!). SurvivorPearl Island (Season 7), Survivor: All Stars (Season 8), SurvivorCook Islands (Season 13), SurvivorHeroes Vs Villains (Season 20) and SurvivorRedemption Island (Season 22). 

Hosted by the man with the most famous dimples in reality television, Jeff Probst, watch some of the biggest blindsides and most iconic players in Survivor history. Bingers. Ready?! 

Beecham House 

Beecham House is binge-worthy, stay-in-your-pj’s-all-day, jar-of-Nutella-and-a-spoon, chest-hair-loving, kinda viewing.  Think, Downton Abbey but set in Colonial India.  

Set in the 1795, amidst the clashing forces of British and French militaries and the decline of the centuries-old Mughal Empire, Beecham House tells the story of enigmatic Englishman and former soldier John Beecham. 

When Beecham arrives at his grand new Delhi estate to great fanfare, the presence of a (mixed-race and apparently motherless!) baby is more than just a surprise to the staff—it’s a mystery that only deepens as he falls for English governess Margaret Osbourne.  

As his overbearing mother, his rebellious brother and even more complicated guests arrive, politics, passion, ambition and revenge collide, all under the roof of Beecham House. 

Blood & Treasure 

This is the globetrotting, high-speed, action-packed adventure we're all craving - Blood & Treasure.

Each episode follows the thrilling adventures of former FBI agent and antiquities expert, Danny McNamara, and a cunning art thief, Lexi Vaziri.  

 It’s got a lot of antiques. Yes. And they travel the globe. Sure. But this ain’t no Antiques Roadshow. 

When Danny’s mentor, Dr. Anna Castillo and the priceless ancient Egyptian artefacts she’s discovered are stolen by terrorist Karim Farouk, the sexually charged duo, Danny and Lexi team up to catch the ruthless terrorist. 

As they crisscross the world hunting their target, Danny and Lexi unexpectedly find themselves at the centre of a 2,000-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization.   

There are five more days of shows to come. So go ahead, crack open the hand sanny, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy some quality television while we ride out this health crisis together. 

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